Physical Therapy


Aches and pains are bumps in the road all experience. Our staff is ready to relieve your pain and get you back to doing what you love! At Ready Up Performance we focus first and foremost on the needs of the patient. The patient will be met by a doctorally educated physical therapist who possesses thousands of hours of education and experience. After an examination interview, patient driven goals will be established. The physical therapist will perform a whole-body movement assessment to generate an understanding of the patient’s body as a global system. Once all factors have been considered, the patient and therapist will  take action on a mutually agreed upon plan to tackle pain today!

Throughout the treatment process, the therapist will be in a constant process of re-evaluation to make changes if required and/or identify the need for complimentary treatment in more complex cases. Progress is measured by movement quality and performance, not in weeks on the calendar. Our patient education is a pillared learning system which means every step we take is based on previous foundational knowledge as the plan of care moves forward. At Ready Up Performance we believe this improves patient safety, avoiding doing too much too soon. Instead, we let the movement speak for itself vs lesser protocol based systems often found elsewhere in healthcare. We recognize the need for a tailored treatment plan based on the patient and not a timeline.