Who we are:

We are a patient-focused sports and orthopedic physical therapy practice invested in your goals and care!

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, evidenced based care possible to our clients. From the moment a client enters our doors we strive to create a relationship that respects their best interests and to serve them as a life long advocate for their health and wellness. The owner, Dr. Bill Hesse, PT, DPT brings with him experiences in sports and orthopedics with training and mentorship from several premier regional and international organizations in physical therapy and performance based training. These organizations have and continue to meet the needs of adolescent, to elite level professional and military athletes alike. Dr. Bill brings these experiences to his practice for the benefit of his patients of all backgrounds.

What we do:

Ready Up Performance differs from many other clinics in that we do not provide passively administered “sick care”. Just as functional medicine is an expanding field in physician practice which attempts to treat root cause of diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure, we seek to address movement based impairments in a holistic manner to improve functional performance, whatever the goal. From post surgical rehabilitation, to athletic performance, and even chronic conditions, Ready Up Performance is equipped to meet our client’s needs through out the life span.

Why we do it:

First and foremost Ready Up Performance is passionately invested in providing the best quality care we can for our clients. This passion goes in to every clinical decision that is made. We work for our patients, not insurance companies for the following reasons:

  • All costs are upfront to protect the client and the clinician.
  • Patients with high deductible insurance plans can still have care are a reasonable cost.
  • Third parties with incentive to deny or dictate service are not involved in the client-practitioner relationship.
  • Cash-based care improves the value delivered for the expense.
  • Our care will always be one and one and more cost effective for treatment received.
  • Your interactions will always be directly with the person who cares about your outcome..