It’s Been Busy….

It’s been busy. A parent of two and husband to an equally busy wife.

People think as a physical therapist and coach that all of my health and exercise habits are perfect.

The truth is I’m like anyone else. I used to crush it on my strength and conditioning work before kids.

Now my time is Significantly limited but I still find a way to hit the habits I need to stay healthy for the people I serve and my family.

This last week I had knocked out some strength training with plans to condition the following day. My wife was scheduled to walk an hour with a friend.

I came home from work and she told me her walk was cancelled.

Instead of writing that time off we changed the plan and capitalized on the time we had available. We did a team workout alternating box step ups at home every 30 seconds for 30 minutes.

My wife got more moderate to high intensity work that she usually does and I was ahead of schedule for the week on my training.

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Author: Dr. Bill

Dr. Bill is Doctor of Physical Therapy and owner of Ready Up Performance. He received his doctorate from Cleveland State University and focused his clinical experience in sports and orthopedics. He has attended additional education after graduation in Florida with EXOS, completed their "Performance Rehabilitation Mentorship". EXOS is known for their work with elite level international teams, the NFL combine candidates, and military special operations athletes. He is Functional Movement Systems SMFA Level 1 certified clinician. He is also certified in functional dry needling, kinesiology taping and a several year experienced StrongFirst kettlebell instructor. Dr. Bill is United States Marine Corps Veteran with multiple deployments, avid outdoorsman, husband and a father.

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