Trying Times Call Us To Who We Are

The StrongFirst Code

I am a student of strength – The safety and success of my teammates depends on me – my technical skill, tactical proficiency, and attention to detail. StrongFirst is the School of Strength. Strength of body and mind. We demand discipline of character and respectful behavior towards others at all times, no exceptions. We expect innovation, built upon trust and through collaboration. I am a student of strength; I am a teammate; I lead and expect to be led.

I am a quiet professional – I lead by example and own my decisions in all situations. The ability to control my emotions and my actions, regardless of circumstance, sets me apart as uncompromising integrity is my standard. My character and honor are steadfast. I accept the responsibility of honoring the StrongFirst Code with a strong spirit. It is a privilege, without compromise, that I must earn every day in the service of others.

Strength has a greater purpose – StrongFirst is an Anti-fragile Worldwide Community of Strength. Join us. We are brought together by the conviction that strength has a greater purpose and increases in capability to thrive as a result of stressors, shocks, volatility, or failures. We demand the best effort from ourselves, beyond just resilience or robustness of the body. The way you carry your strength matters. We demand the moral courage to evolve your character to be worthy of leading other leaders with fairness.

Senior Leadership

Transformational Leadership must start at the top of the organization and be constantly evolving through rapidly changing business climates. Leaders at the top must have the self awareness to constantly assess their skill set, evaluate their negative reactionary patterns and have the courage to admit their fears. Your people and your culture are your “main thing” and receiving 100% buy-in from your team is the goal. Your people are the voice and primary instrument used to communicate the standards. Build leaders who invite people to be their best, create accountability, and reward people for meeting expectations.

Everybody else: Leading Up

Everyone is both a leader and a teammate. Expect to lead and be led. When leading up, use caution and respect, but remember when your leader is not giving the support you need, don’t blame him or her. Instead, reexamine what you can do better to clarify, educate, influence, or convince that person to give you what you need to succeed.
Take responsibility for leading everyone in your sphere of influence, superiors included.
If someone isn’t doing what you want, look in the mirror first and determine what you can do to better enable the situation.
Don’t ask your leader what you should do, tell them what you are going to do. Own it.

Author: Dr. Bill

Dr. Bill is Doctor of Physical Therapy and owner of Ready Up Performance. He received his doctorate from Cleveland State University and focused his clinical experience in sports and orthopedics. He has attended additional education after graduation in Florida with EXOS, completed their "Performance Rehabilitation Mentorship". EXOS is known for their work with elite level international teams, the NFL combine candidates, and military special operations athletes. He is Functional Movement Systems SMFA Level 1 certified clinician. He is also certified in functional dry needling, kinesiology taping and a several year experienced StrongFirst kettlebell instructor. Dr. Bill is United States Marine Corps Veteran with multiple deployments, avid outdoorsman, husband and a father.

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